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The task of preventing the actual prevalence of torture, MASUM tabulate the fact finding on torture issue by appointing district human right monitors and systematic analysis on collection of data and information based on observation, questionnaires, and interviews with victim family, eyewitnesses, relevant officials and perpetrator office. MASUM attempt herein are therefore to send these details in a form of grievance letters with attach documents to concern government or non-government national and international HRIs and endeavours to urge the authorities to provide corrective measure to the hapless victims. In a country where authorities of the instrumentalities of the State continuously deny the prevalence of torture as a routine event by the police, BSF; MASUM continuously monitor the issue of torture and its subsequent ramification, further MASUM assist marginalized sections and has brought the unheard voice of the downtrodden to fore. MASUM has commitment on international communities to upheld human rights and challenging torture by asset of giving victims legal aid and medical supports.
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